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Angie Norris with Russell Bruson

How Did I Get My Start?

My Name is Angie Norris and most recently, I've been known for being named the first Certified GrooveFunnels Ambassador, first female to hit the top 10 Groove affiliate leaderboard, and I currently have the top producing funnel inside of Groove.

But many people ask me "How did you get your start online?" and I'm excited to tell you that it was through professional development.

I worked corporately for 20 years, but I had always had this burning desire to make the leap and start a business online, but I didn't know where to start. Our company had gone through a merger between Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services and Computer Sciences Corporation and they told us that they would be doing massive layoffs and over 100,000 people would be laid off over the coming years. Instead of waiting to be laid off to find another job, I thought I'd go ahead and start making a plan b.

In October 2018, I turned to my good friend "Google" and did a search on successful online entrepreneurs and came across a guy named Russell Brunson. His story really resonated with me because, I too had always had an interest in earning side income hoping to turn my passion into paydays. I even sold poems to boys to give to their girlfriends back when I was only 8 years old.

I grabbed a free book that Russell Brunson was giving away called Expert Secrets and that is where it all began for me and I became entrenched in the world of funnels.

Angie Norris with Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson
Angie Norris as a Funnel Hacker

After I read the free Expert Secrets book, I read the free DotCom Secrets book, then I did the first ever One Funnel Away Challenge and started working on my very first funnel. I attended Funnel Hacking Live in 2019, joined the Two Comma Club Coaching Program, and later attended the Unlock The Secrets event.

I got laid off from my corporate position as Principal, Global Sales Enablement in July of 2019 and because I had already started working on a plan b, I was able to burn the boat and make the leap from corporate life to building my very own online business.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Russell Brunson for introducing me into the world of funnels and his amazing community of Funnel Hackers. I have met so many wonderful people and business besties over the last couple years and I can't imagine still being in Corporate America.

I learned a lot of the concepts and strategies of online marketing that I use today through Russell Brunson's books and programs. It gave me the baseline and foundation for building my own online empire. 

My online journey took an amazing turn when I stumbled upon a company called Groove Digital. In 2020, my streaming TV business was starting to really flourish and I had almost a 100 clients, students, and challengers I was working with.

I was on the hunt for a funnel building software or landing page software that provided a free license so I could help my clients, students, and challengers showcase their own TV channels and shows to their audience, as well as add an income stream to their business portfolios.

I came across a brand new software called GrooveFunnels that was in beta and gearing up for a launch. It was the very thing I was looking for. A solution that would provide individuals and businesses with a free website. I noticed they had a lifetime platinum offer where you could get the software for $1397 and never have to pay another dollar again and with this upgrade, I could build unlimited websites, landing pages, and funnels.

I purchased this amazing lifetime offer and didn't just get 1 software tool, but nearly 20 software tools under one roof. 

Angie Norris with Mike Filsaime
Angie Norris with Joe Jablonski

After purchasing, I noticed they had an affiliate program that pays out 40% commission to platinum members and I thought, well...there must be more people who are facing similar issues as me and they may be interested in this lifetime deal as well.

I made a single post on my personal Facebook profile and wow - the sales and commissions started rolling in. Within my first week, I earned over $15,000 in expected commissions. Within my first month, I earned over $50,000 in expected commissions, and within my first 60 days, I earned over $75,000 in expected commissions for both tier 1 and tier 2 payouts.

On top of that, GrooveFunnels decided to have me speak on their webinar, thanks to Co-Founder Joe Jablonski for making that happen, and within a two week period of time, I sold over $300k of my own program. 

Groove has made me feel like family and I love helping people understand the multiple opportunities to make money with Groove. I have much gratitude for Mike Filsaime and his amazing team of Groove rockstars!

Myron Golden with Angie Norris
Stu McLaren with Angie Norris
Mike Filsaime Joe Jabloski Angie Norris Michelle Filsaime Rosalie Jablonski Chris Norris
Stephen Larsen with Angie Norris
DevonBrown with Angie Norris
Alan Dean with Angie Norris Entrepreneurs Playbook
Angie Norris Featured In Groove Magazine
Mike Filsaime Angie Norris

So...Back To How I Got Started...Reading

I started my online journey reading Russell Brunson's books and participating in some of his programs. There is some great content housed in the following products by Russell Brunson that I've included below.  I hope you enjoy them too! 

It is never too late to follow your dreams...and just remember I didn't start my online journey until I was 40 years old and aged 42 before I hit my first 6 figures online.

"The only failure in life is wanting to do something meaningful, but not even trying."

 -Angie Norris

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